Company Policy

It’s been a couple of years since we, as a dedicated team, have worked in and out to create a healthy environment for those who want to get rid of their addiction habits. Our efforts and services evident in the most renowned rehab clinic in the city are appreciated by all our clients.

We have the policy of helping our patients and their family members in a way that they do not feel stressed about the current situation and stay motivated to recuperate. All the professionals working in our organisation are highly trained and work in a fashion that none of the people walking into our clinic step out discouraged or disappointed.

Our programs do not run in batches. We keep inducting individuals into our programs and implement treatments on them according to their present mental state. Our prime motive is to take the individual out of the denial mode first and then help them accept the cruelty of drugs and alcohol on their life.

They are then gradually taken towards the path of recovery by strengthening their existence both, mentally and physically. We have the policy of indulging the family members of the patient as well in the treatment process as their input and contribution plays a major role in the overall recovery. They are dealt with as sensitively as the patient and are made to believe that their loved one is safe and progressing with us.

When it comes to visiting hours of outsiders, we keep a strict policy as we do not want the patients to get distracted from them therapy too often. It takes a lot of effort to help these people realise the problems and push them towards self-control. Frequent visits from friends and other family members might break their will power.

This is why we allow the visitors to see the patient only thrice a week for an hour on each day. We suggest the visitors to work with us a team as we all want to see the patient grow and recover. Whenever you have any queries or need some information, feel free to contact our customer service team on phone or email and they will guide you appropriately.


Our Team